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MR Docs Solutions Inc. is a privately-owned company based in the Philippines established by experienced and dedicated Filipino professionals.

The company’s mission is to assist the employees, staff and potential clients of public and private organizations in transforming their printed documents into electronic format thus facilitating a mechanized work process. The use of modern technology will hasten the quick retrieval and easy duplication of documents. As a result, the staff can do their work efficiently and effectively thus producing quality outputs. On the other hand, potential clients will likewise be served with quality outputs at the quickest time possible.


MR Docs Solutions Inc. developed locally the information management systems called PhiDocs. It is composed of four powerful softwares to be used for systematically managing data and information. These systems will support office management and operations.


MR Docs Solutions Inc. also offers services to companies interested in outsourcing their data and information management needs. We have competent staff who have years of experience in doing this kind of job.




We Offer

  • Best Service
  • Affordable Price
  • Highest Quality Outputs
  • Most Comprehensive Solutions


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